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Dandelions: Chamber Opera

More vocal music!

I wrote a short (20 minute) chamber opera based on a short story by the American turn-of-the-century writer O. Henry (you know, the guy who wrote the Christmas story about the husband who sells his watch to buy combs and the wife who sells her hair to buy a watch chain).

It was a great experience making a foray into writing opera music. I guess it counts as my second opera effort if you include the opera for children that I wrote while I was an undergrad (‘Hans in Luck’).

I decided to have real musicians record a scene, just to have a better preview than my usual computer-generated fare, so I found a soprano, a tenor, and a pianist on Fiverr (Caroline Joy, Jonathan Matthews, and Jongsun Lee). All three of them were remarkably professional and a real pleasure to work with! It was really interesting having them each record their parts separately.

I submitted my opera to a Chamber Opera Company in Hartford, Connecticut (Hartfort Opera Theater) who have an annual contest for new chamber operas. We’ll see what happens!

In the mean time, here is the scene I had recorded.