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Orchestral Suite #2 – Mythical Beasts

Since I had optimistically titled my first orchestral suite “Orchestral Suite #1”, I felt I had a certain obligation to follow up with an “Orchestral Suite #2”. Plus the writing experience was so enjoyable that I wanted to try my hand at it again.

For this next suite, I decided to take inspiration from various mythical, magical creatures. I sought advice from my son and together we compiled a list of interesting creatures about which I will be writing movements. These beasts include the Phoenix, the Hydra, the Griffin, the Banshee, and the Sirens, among others.

It’s a mythical twist on Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals, and like Saint-Saens, I am also writing my suite to appeal to children. This is in line of my long interest in writing music for and by children.

I love the Orchestral Suite format. It allows me to practice writing lots of good short melodies (and melody is something that is a constant obsession of mine, in direct opposition to most classical new music which vehemently eschews melody).

It also allows me to experiment with various orchestral colours, trying them on briefly, like a fashion show. And I find that part really fun.

Here are the movements of my Orchestral Suite #2 that I’ve written so far:

Centaur (from Orchestral Suite #2 – Mythical Beasts)

September 23, 2017

Pixies (from Orchestral Suite #2 – Mythical Beasts)

September 23, 2017

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